About Samana


Samana’s Mission

Samana’s Mission is to enable more people experience music thru its Group of Global Social Music Networks providing a ‘Redefined Music Experience.’

In doing so, Samana’s objective purpose is to address the absence of relevant music experiences available to music followers to motivate and continue their ‘music journey.’

As such, Samana’s ‘Redefined Approach’ is aimed to sustain a long-term relationship with music through its ‘ERP Value’  - ‘Entertainment,’ ‘Relevance’ and ‘Participation.’

Samana delivers its ‘Redefined Music Experiences’ by creating multiple music Global communities distinguished by culture (country of origin) and language through offering four key music experiences or platforms.

The four (4) key platforms are:

  • Learning,
  • Performing,
  • Composing, and
  • The social contagious power of the Community


Through its ‘Redefined Approach,’ Samana aims to become the first Group of Global Value-addSocial Music Networks, ‘value-add’ through providing a ‘productive benefit’ currently limited within existing social networks.

This is achieved through a social network providing learning, skills and knowledge when people search for downtime – in effect, providing ‘productive’ downtime.’

To maximize relevance globally, Samana’s platforms have been designed with all age groups, and all music levels in mind, ensuring a wide and diverse global social music network. By offering multiple communities defined by culture and language, Samana creates a Group of Global Social Music Networks.


Launching a ‘Redefined Music Experience’

The initial launch of Samana’s Group of Global Social Music Networks starts with the launch of ‘clickSANGEET – Music Learning Redefined’ (www.clicksangeet.com)  

‘clickSANGEET – Music Learning ReDefined’

As the name suggests, Samana’s initial Social Music Network is dedicated to Indians Globally, and with it, enabling more Indian people around the world to learn and enjoy music with greater satisfaction through ‘ERP’ - ‘Entertainment’, ‘Relevance’ and ‘Participation’.

 ‘clickSANGEET’s patent pending ‘Redefined Approach to Learning Music’ results from ‘ERP’ specifically designed to address many of the obstacles facing learners with the traditional approach to music learning, including:

  • Lack of Relevance - Learning unknown or outdated songs,
  • Lack of Entertainment - Emphasis on theory instead of playing, and
  • Lack of Participation - Lack of performance opportunity


clickSANGEET’s ‘Redefined Approach to Learning Music’ delivers:

  • Relevance: Learn your favourite songs
  • Entertainment: Showcase your achievement through a ‘global stage’
  • Participation: Perform songs immediately


Through ‘ERP,’ clickSANGEET’s ‘Redefined Approach To Learning Music’ will provide in an unparalleled motivation to continue music learning and enjoyment.

clickSANGEET’s patent pending ‘Redefined Approach to Music Learning’ has been created by Samana’s Founder, Mr Sam Bedi, leveraging his 20 years experience in music teaching and performing.

clickSANGEET’s learning system is aimed at all ages, and all levels, including beginners with no previous music experience, as well as experienced musicians seeking to to continue their learning journey.

clickSANGEET’s achieves this through its patent pending  4-step learning system providing beginners and experienced musicians a complete end-to-end learning solution tailored for all levels.

The 4-step learning process, combined with a Performance Platform and Community, enables users to become a social citizen in the music world – providing a personalized approach to learning, playing and performing, whilst sustaining and sharing their music passion with others.

Plans are already in place to expand into other Global communities with a focus on other cultural genres (Chinese, Korean, Arabic, etc), so more people can experience and share the passion for music leveraging Samana’s ‘Redefined Music Experiences.’ 

To learn more about Samana’s four music platforms, please contact us at: info@clicksangeet.com

Achievements To Date

Samana has been in research and development for over two years. The process began with extensive research conducted into the shortfalls of the traditional music learning approaches, the gaps in the market, the needed solutions, and opportunities relating to social networking.

The team at Samana invested extensively in obtaining legal permission, copyrights and licenses from various partners around the world, as well as creating its own proprietary content.  

Product Development
Over the past 12 months, the outcomes from research and license agreements achieved earlier, have seen the following achievements in: product/concept/brand/technology planning, development and execution.

These include:

  • Proprietary ‘4-Step’ Learning System Modules Developed
  • Patent pending for the ‘4-step Learning System’
  • Development of Music Notations
  • Concert Performances
  • Professional Musician Recruitment,
  • Technology Development,
  • Brand Name Development,
  • Marketing Plan,
  • Staff Recruitment,
  • Advisory Board,
  • Funding
  • Concert Performances



Samana is created and led by Mr Sam Bedi, a classically trained music professional with over 20 years of music teaching and performing experience. Sam is also the creator of the piano show, ‘Bollywood Redefined.’

Sam leads a team of music professionals assembled from leading music institutions around the world, including Berklee Music College in the US, and Trinity College of Music in the UK, to bring this global expertise to music  followers all around the world.

To support Samana’s current and future growth plans, Samana has also assembled a highly skilled Advisory Panel comprises a blend of leading minds in the fields of Technology, Patent & Copyright/Licensing Law, Branding, Marketing, Customer Engagement and Social Networking to complement the team’s music experience and background.

Future Plans:

Samana journey commenced with the launch of ‘clickSANGEET’ in September 2012. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with individuals, schools, and communities expressing an interest in the platform. clickSANGEET endeavours to expand its presence globally from the beginning of 2013, taking its patent pending learning system and music platforms around the world to enable Indians globally participate and be part of this learning community.

Samana’s expansion plans also include the staging of a further cultural/language offering in 2013, with license negotiations currently taking place. Once again, Samana will leverage its 4-step patent pending learning platform, along with its Performing, Composing, and Community platforms, to provide ‘ERP’ – Entertainment, Relevance, Participation benefit to this additional global community.

To achieve this, Samana will leverage its existing infrastructure of professional musicians, licensing partners, programmers/developers/animators, social marketing and customer engagement resources to facilitate the creation and roll-out of its global social music networks and platforms.